Super 8mm Film

There's something magical about things shot on film.  It has a different look, a different feel to it.  It is an organic medium that provides a unique visual experience - so why not capture your wedding day on this timeless format?

Super 8mm film has emerged from the home video market of the 60's & 70's, into a professional production format that is used by filmmakers all over the world. In fact, parts of the feature film 'My Sister's Keeper' & the TV series 'Brothers & Sisters' have used Super 8.  And what's more, the film stock we use is the exact same that is used on most Hollywood movies!

It's absolutely normal for Super 8 films to be grainy and for scratches & dust to appear on the film - that's part of the aesthetic appeal of this format.  Many videographers try to simulate this look by adding digital effects and filters to clean HD footage - but it just doesn't match up to the real thing.

So why not look to Everafter Productions & our experienced cinematographers to capture your wedding day on real film.

Super 8mm Highlights Film

This is our standard Super 8 offering, and is produced in conjunction with one of our HD video packages.  We will shoot 3 rolls of Super 8mm (approx 9 minutes of footage) throughout the wedding day, capturing all the important bits!  The film is then processed, graded & edited into a short 3-5 minute highlights clip capturing the essence of your day.  This is included as a separate chapter on your completed wedding DVD.

Price - $900 (ex GST)

The Complete Super 8mm Film

Would you like your whole wedding shot on Super 8?  

Prices start from $4500 and we are more than happy to provide you with a custom quote for your requirements.

Contact us or email today to find out more!

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